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Caritas Sonrientes

Helping the Homeless Children of Juarez

In July 2018, we completed the first missionary trip helping the dinning room "El Refugio" (the refuge) and the dinning room "Emanuel".

We brought them groceries, food, toys, cleaning supplies, diapers for the residents in the nursing home. We fed an average of 187 people for 3 days. We gave away 60 bibles and brother Pablo was sharing Jesus as our Savior to children and adults. We help these places by sending money every other week to assist in food needs and gas for the stoves. We have contacted 3 more dinning rooms for children that have a big need for food.

In the month of April we will be having fun activities in a park for the kids. Our interest is to reach out people to start new Bible studies in local churches and in the dinning rooms.

To accomplish this ministry requires a lot of prayers, financial help and effort. Please allow Jesus to touch your heart to pray for this ministry and help us with donations in the amount you can afford. Any little bit of money counts!!! This ministry will go as long as The Lord keep us here.

Mathew 25:40 says that "whatever we do to others you did to me" and 2 Co. 9:7 "for God love the cheerful giver"

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